Board of Directors

Term: 01/01/2013 - 12/31/2015


Mr. Kouichoy Saechao, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Kao Chiem ChaoCo-Chair

Ms. Seng K Fong, Executive Director

Miss Marilyn Saechao, Secretary

Miss Julia Saelee, Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer



Mr. Kouipou C. Saechao, Board Member

Mr. Vern Chiem Saelaw, Board Member

Mr. Sanchiane Saechao, Board Member

Mr. Leo O Saephan, Board Member

Mr. Chanchoy Chow Saetern, Board Member

Mr. Kevin Saechao, Board Member (effective 01/2011)

Mr. Chan On Sio Saelee, Board Member (effective 01/2011)

Miss Erica Saephan, Board Member (effective 01/2013)


LIMCA-ADVISORY BOARD (01/01/2004-Present):

Mr. Fouvang C. Tang, Advisory Member

Mr. Bryant H. Byrnes, Advisory Member

Dr. Eric Crystal, Advisory Member

Mr. Kal Phan, Advisory Member

Mr. Tom Schao, Advisory Member

Ms. Pamela (Famching) Saeliaw-Chao, Advisory Member

Miss Michelle Chao, Advisory Member (Effective 03/2012)

Mrs. Moung Khoun Saetern (Effective 01/2013)

Mr. Frank O (Saengfinh) Saephanh (effective 01/2013)